Fraud Alert !!!

*** Scammers ***


Black Rhino Software has recently become aware that our company is being used to scam job seekers. Black Rhino Software is NOT affiliated with "biplas" or the scammers.

We have received phone calls from job seekers asking if we sell software for "biplas". We do NOT!

If you have received a check (usually delivered by FedEx) like the ones below, this is a scam. We contacted the Compass Bank in Lone Tree, Colorado and the account (# 100285521) on the check has been close for over 3 years. The bank's fraud department informed us that it is a fraudulent check. DO NOT try to cash or deposit it.

Check 1

Check 2

What next?

Contact your local FBI office and give them all the information you have on the scam. i.e. Emails, texts, phone numbers, etc.

Do NOT send any money. Let me say that again, DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY!

If you filled out an application and gave the scammers your Social Security Number or any other personal information. Start tracking your credit report, credit cards and banking information.

And remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!