Database Integration

An integration database is a database which acts as the data store for multiple applications, and thus integrates data across these applications. An integration database needs a schema that takes all its client applications into account. The database usually is controlled by a separate group to the applications and database changes are more complex because they have to be negotiated between the database group and the various applications. The benefit of this is that sharing data between applications does not require an extra layer of integration services on the applications. Any changes to data made in a single application are made available to all applications at the time of database commit keeping the applications' data use better synchronized.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

The Websites and Applications developed by Black Rhino Software Group can be equipped with an easy-to-use, robust content management system. With our CMS, we provide you with a tool that allows you to create, edit, manage and publish content to your site, regardless of your technical abilities. We eliminate the process of calling our team every time you want to update a blog, add a photo gallery, or release a new product. We will teach you how to manage your content and provide you with the tools to manage your site worry-free. View an example of a Custom CMS we've developed.

Web Application Development

Web applications are often built to simulate the experience of using a desktop application through a web browser. They differ from traditional websites in that their purpose is to function more like a piece of software than a marketing presence.

Intranet / Extranet Applications

are medium sized, informative, functional websites built specifically for private use by businesses of all types. If public facing websites help companies do business with the outside world, Intranets help companies conduct business from department to department and employee to employee. Whether it's an employee directory or internal calendar system, Black Rhino Software Group can build a Custom Intranet Solution for your organization today!

Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce from Black Rhino Software Group is comprehensive, professional and custom. Our platform is a combination of front-end functionality and back-end technology designed to maximize sales on your website while giving your customers a simple and satisfying shopping experience. Whether you wish to sell to the masses or reach your existing business customer base, Black Rhino Software Group can design and develop a custom ecommerce solution for your exact business needs.

Custom Backoffice Applications

During our many years serving a wide variety of clients, Black Rhino Software Group has had the chance to develop hundreds of custom backoffice applications. These applications are private in nature in that their usage is restricted to limited number of internal staff members. They often help automate and computerize otherwise manual, tedious, paper wasting processes. Buyer Requisition, Document Management, Fitness Class Management, PO Systems, Virtual Point of Sale Systems, Product Information Manager. Private Metric Reporting Systems, Customer Service Portals, and Live Chat interfaces are some examples of our work.

Server Side Application

Server-side application or scripting is a web server technology in which a user's request is fulfilled by running a script directly on the web server to generate dynamic web pages. It is usually used to provide interactive web sites that interface to databases or other data stores. The primary advantage to server-side scripting is the ability to highly customize the response based on the user's requirements, access rights, or queries into data stores. This allows our clients to have a choice of a number of client programs. In the case of more specialized applications, we may write our own communications protocol that can only be used with one another.